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Compass point, Angle

Boxing the compass is the action of naming all thirty-two clockwise points of the compass in order. The eight principal winds, eight half-winds and sixteen quarter winds together yield a 32-wind compass rose, with each compass direction point at 11.25° angle from the next.Read more

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Common units

Radian rad 0.1963
Degree ° 11.25
Minute ' 675
Second " 40500
Millisecond 40500000
Microsecond 4050000000×101
Turn τ 0.0312
Cycle 0.0312
Revolution 0.0312
Rotation 0.0312
Circle 0.0312
Right angle 0.125
Grad grad 12.5
Gon 12.5


Mil µ 196.3438
Mil (Russia) 187.5
Mil (Sweden) 196.875

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