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Gon, Angle

Gon, g, also called grade, gradian, is a unit of plane angle that is equivalent π⁄200 rad, making the angle of a full circle 400 gons, and a right angle 100 gons. The gon is used mostly in triangulation.Read more

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Common units

Radian rad 0.0157
Degree ° 0.9
Minute ' 54
Second " 3240
Millisecond 3240000
Microsecond 3240000000
Turn τ 0.0025
Cycle 0.0025
Revolution 0.0025
Rotation 0.0025
Circle 0.0025
Right angle 0.01
Grad grad 1


Mil µ 15.7075
Mil (Sweden) 15.75

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