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Mil (NATO), Angle

Mil, also angular mil, is a unit of angle commonly used by military organizations. Its relationship to the radian gives rise to the handy property that an object of size S that subtends an angle A angular mils is at a distance D = 1000 * S / A. Alternatively, if the distance is known, we can determine the size of an object by S = A * D / 1000.

In NATO countries mil equals to 1/6400 of a circle.Read more

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Common units

Radian rad 0.001
Degree ° 0.0562
Minute ' 3.375
Second " 202.5
Millisecond 202500
Microsecond 202500000
Turn τ 0.0002
Cycle 0.0002
Revolution 0.0002
Rotation 0.0002
Circle 0.0002
Right angle 0.0006
Grad grad 0.0625
Gon 0.0625


Mil µ 0.9817
Mil (Russia) 0.9375
Mil (Sweden) 0.9844

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