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Millisecond, Angle

A millisecond of arc, milliarcsecond, or mas, is a unit of angular measurement that is equal to 10-3 of one second of arc. It is commonly used in fields that require unit for expressing very small angles, such as astronomy.

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Common units

Radian rad 4.8481×10-9
Degree ° 2.7778×10-7
Minute ' 1.6667×10-5
Second " 0.001
Turn τ 7.716×10-10
Cycle 7.716×10-10
Revolution 7.716×10-10
Rotation 7.716×10-10
Circle 7.716×10-10
Right angle 3.0864×10-9
Grad grad 3.0864×10-7
Gon 3.0864×10-7
Compass point 2.4691×10-8


Mil µ 4.848×10-6
Mil (NATO) 4.9383×10-6
Mil (Russia) 4.6296×10-6
Mil (Sweden) 4.8611×10-6

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