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Radian, Angle

Radian, rad or c (circular measure), is the standard unit of angular measure that defines the ratio between the length of arc and its radius. Radian is a former SI supplementary unit, but since 1995 when this category was abolished it is considered a SI derived unit. The SI unit of solid angle measurement is the steradian.Read more

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Common units

Degree ° 57.2958
Minute ' 3437.7468
Second " 206264.8062
Millisecond 206264806.2471
Microsecond 2062648062×102
Turn τ 0.1592
Cycle 0.1592
Revolution 0.1592
Rotation 0.1592
Circle 0.1592
Right angle 0.6366
Grad grad 63.662
Gon 63.662


Mil µ 999.9705
Mil (NATO) 1018.5916
Mil (Russia) 954.9297
Mil (Sweden) 1002.6761

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