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A turn, from the Greek word τόρνος (tornos – a lathe), is a unit of angle measurement that is equal to 360°, 2π radians or τ (tau) radians. Turn is also referred to as a revolution or complete rotation or full circle or cycle or rev or rot. Turn can be subdivided into half turns, quarter turns, centiturns, milliturns, binary angles, points etc.

Turn is commonly used for planar rotations. Two special rotations have acquired appellations of their own: a rotation through 180° is commonly referred to as a half-turn (π radians), a rotation through 90° is referred to as a quarter-turn. A half-turn is often referred to as a reflection in a point since these are identical for transformations in two-dimensions.Read more

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Common units

Radian rad 6.2832
Degree ° 360
Minute ' 21600
Second " 1296000
Millisecond 1296000000
Microsecond 1296000000×103
Cycle 1
Circle 1
Right angle 4
Grad grad 400
Gon 400


Mil µ 6283
Mil (NATO) 6400

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