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Circular mil, Area

Circular mil is a unit of area, equal to the area of a circle with a diameter of one mil or one thousandth of an inch. It is a convenient unit for referring to the area of a wire with a circular cross section.Read more

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SI prefixed

Square exameter Em2 5.0671×10-46
Square petameter Pm2 5.0671×10-40
Square terameter Tm2 5.0671×10-34
Square gigameter Gm2 5.0671×10-28
Square megameter Mm2 5.0671×10-22
Square kilometer km2 5.0671×10-16
Square hectometer hm2 5.0671×10-14
Square decameter dam2 5.0671×10-12
Square meter m2 5.0671×10-10
Square decimeter dm2 5.0671×10-8
Square centimeter cm2 5.0671×10-6
Square millimeter mm2 0.0005
Square micrometer µm2 506.7075
Square nanometer nm2 506707479.0975
Square femtometer fm2 5067074791×1011
Square picometer pm2 5067074791×105
Square attometer am2 5067074791×1017


Township 5.4345×10-18
Section 1.9564×10-16
Square mile mi2 1.9564×10-16
Homestead 7.8256×10-16
Rood 5.0084×10-13
Acre ac 1.2521×10-13
US survey acre ac 1.2521×10-13
Square chain 1.2521×10-12
Square pole 2.0034×10-11
Square rod 2.0034×10-11
Square perch 2.0034×10-11
Square yard yd2 6.0602×10-10
Square foot ft2 5.4542×10-9
Square inch in2 7.854×10-7
Square mil 0.7854


Hectare ha 5.0671×10-14
Decare daa 5.0671×10-13
Are a 5.0671×10-12
Barn b 5067074791×109

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