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Square foot, Area

Square foot, symbol ft2, is a unit of area defined as the area of a square where every side equals one foot or 0.3048 meters. The square foot is a common unit of measurement in the United States and the United Kingdom.Read more

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SI prefixed

Square exameter Em2 9.2903×10-38
Square petameter Pm2 9.2903×10-32
Square terameter Tm2 9.2903×10-26
Square gigameter Gm2 9.2903×10-20
Square megameter Mm2 9.2903×10-14
Square kilometer km2 9.2903×10-8
Square hectometer hm2 9.2903×10-6
Square decameter dam2 0.0009
Square meter m2 0.0929
Square decimeter dm2 9.2903
Square centimeter cm2 929.0304
Square millimeter mm2 92903.04
Square micrometer µm2 9290304000×101
Square nanometer nm2 9290304000×107
Square femtometer fm2 9290304000×1019
Square picometer pm2 9290304000×1013
Square attometer am2 9290304000×1025


Township 9.9639×10-10
Section 3.587×10-8
Square mile mi2 3.587×10-8
Homestead 1.4348×10-7
Rood 0.0001
Acre ac 2.2957×10-5
US survey acre ac 2.2957×10-5
Square chain 0.0002
Square pole 0.0037
Square rod 0.0037
Square perch 0.0037
Square yard yd2 0.1111
Square inch in2 144
Square mil 144000000


Hectare ha 9.2903×10-6
Decare daa 0.0001
Are a 0.0009
Circular inch 183.3465
Circular mil 183346494.4419
Barn b 9290304000×1017

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