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Bit, Data Size

Bit, short for Binary digIT, is basic unit of information in computer systems that can have two distinct states. These states, also binary digits, are denoted by numerical digits 0 and 1. They can be also interpreted as any two valued attribute: logical values - true/false or yes/no, states - on/off, signs - +/-.Read more

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Basic units

Nibble 0.5
Octet 0.125
Byte 0.125

Bit, decimal prefixed (SI)

Kilobit kb 0.001
Megabit Mb 10-6
Gigabit Gb 10-9
Terabit Tb 10-14
Petabit Pb 10-15
Exabit Eb 10-18
Zettabit Zb 10-21
Yottabit Yb 10-24

Bit, binary prefixed (IEC)

Kibibit Kib 0.001
Mebibit Mib 9.5367×10-7
Gibibit Gib 9.3132×10-10
Tebibit Tib 9.0949×10-13
Pebibit Pib 8.8818×10-16
Exbibit Eib 8.6736×10-19
Zebibit Zib 8.4703×10-22
Yobibit Yib 8.2718×10-25

Byte, decimal prefixed (SI)

Kilobyte kB 0.0001
Megabyte MB 1.25×10-7
Gigabyte GB 1.25×10-10
Terabyte TB 1.25×10-13
Petabyte PB 1.25×10-16
Exabyte EB 1.25×10-19
Zettabyte ZB 1.25×10-22
Yottabyte YB 1.25×10-25

Byte, binary prefixed (IEC)

Kibibyte KiB 0.0001
Mebibyte MiB 1.1921×10-7
Gibibyte GiB 1.1642×10-10
Tebibyte TiB 1.1369×10-13
Pebibyte PiB 1.1102×10-16
Exbibyte EiB 1.0842×10-19
Zebibyte ZiB 1.0588×10-22
Yobibyte YiB 1.034×10-25

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