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Byte, Data Size

Byte is a unit of information that commonly consists of eight bits. It might sometimes be confused with octet but is not actually standardized.

Byte is used to encode one character which could use other than 8 bits based on hardware dependency. But since growing popularity of 8bit microprocessors in 1980's, it has made obsolete any other meaning than 8 bit.Read more

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Basic units

Bit 8
Nibble 4
Octet 1

Bit, decimal prefixed (SI)

Kilobit kb 0.008
Megabit Mb 8×10-6
Gigabit Gb 8×10-9
Terabit Tb 8×10-12
Petabit Pb 8×10-15
Exabit Eb 8×10-18
Zettabit Zb 8×10-21
Yottabit Yb 8×10-24

Bit, binary prefixed (IEC)

Kibibit Kib 0.0078
Mebibit Mib 7.6294×10-6
Gibibit Gib 7.4506×10-9
Tebibit Tib 7.276×10-12
Pebibit Pib 7.1054×10-15
Exbibit Eib 6.9389×10-18
Zebibit Zib 6.7763×10-21
Yobibit Yib 6.6174×10-24

Byte, decimal prefixed (SI)

Kilobyte kB 0.001
Megabyte MB 10-6
Gigabyte GB 10-9
Terabyte TB 10-14
Petabyte PB 10-15
Exabyte EB 10-18
Zettabyte ZB 10-21
Yottabyte YB 10-24

Byte, binary prefixed (IEC)

Kibibyte KiB 0.001
Mebibyte MiB 9.5367×10-7
Gibibyte GiB 9.3132×10-10
Tebibyte TiB 9.0949×10-13
Pebibyte PiB 8.8818×10-16
Exbibyte EiB 8.6736×10-19
Zebibyte ZiB 8.4703×10-22
Yobibyte YiB 8.2718×10-25

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