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Gigabyte per second, Data Transfer

Gigabyte per second, GB/s or GBps, is a unit of data transfer rate that is equal to 1000 megabytes per second.

At the end of 2007, standards and government authorities proposed binary prefixes standard for binary multiplies in order to avoid confusion, ie gigabyte to denote 1000 megabytes and gibibyte - 1024 mebibytes.Read more

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Bit, decimal prefixed (SI)

Bit, binary prefixed (IEC)

Kibibit per second Kib/s 7812500
Mebibit per second Mib/s 7629.3945
Gibibit per second Gib/s 7.4506
Tebibit per second Tib/s 0.0073

Byte, decimal prefixed (SI)

Kilobyte per second kB/s 1000000
Terabyte per second TB/s 0.001

Byte, binary prefixed (IEC)

Kibibyte per second KiB/s 976562.5
Mebibyte per second MiB/s 953.6743
Gibibyte per second GiB/s 0.9313
Tebibyte per second TiB/s 0.0009

Basic units

Bit per second b/s 8000000000
Byte per second B/s 1000000000

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