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Faraday, Electric charge

Faraday, symbol F, is a unit of electrical charge. It is much less common than the coulomb, but sometimes used in electrochemistry. One Faraday of charge is the magnitude of the charge of one mole of electrons, i.e. 96,485.3365 C.Read more

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SI units

Exacoulomb EC 9.6485×10-14
Petacoulomb PC 9.6485×10-11
Teracoulomb TC 9.6485×10-8
Gigacoulomb GC 0.0001
Megacoulomb MC 0.0965
Kilocoulomb kC 96.4853
Hectocoulomb hC 964.8534
Decacoulomb daC 9648.5337
Coulomb aC 96485.3365
Decicoulomb dC 964853.365
Centicoulomb cC 9648533.65
Minicoulomb mC 96485336.5
Microcoulomb µC 9648533650×101
Nanocoulomb nC 9648533650×104
Picocoulomb pC 9648533650×107
Femtocoulomb fC 9648533650×1010
Attocoulomb aC 9648533650×1013


Ampere-hour A·h 26.8015
Ampere-minute A·min 1608.0889
Abcoulomb abC 9648.5337
Milliampere-hour mA·h 26801.4824
Ampere-second A·sec 96485.3365
Milliampere-minute mA·min 1608088.9417
Milliampere-second mA·sec 96485336.5
Statcoulomb statC 2892558445×105
Elementary charge e 6022141293×1014

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