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Electric current

Electric current is a flow of electric charge. Electric charge flows when there is voltage present across a conductor and can be measured using an ammeter. The SI unit for measuring an electric current is the ampere, which is the flow of electric charges through a surface at the rate of one coulomb per second.

Electric currents cause many effects, notably heating, but also induce magnetic fields, which are widely used for motors, inductors and generators.Read more

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SI units

Teraampere TA 1 0.001
Gigaampere GA 1000 1
Megaampere MA 1000000 1000
Kiloampere kA 1000000000 1000000
Hectoampere hA 10000000000 10000000
Decaampere daA 10000000000×101 100000000
Ampere A 10000000000×102 1000000000
Deciampere dA 10000000000×103 10000000000
Centiampere cA 10000000000×104 10000000000×101
Milliampere mA 10000000000×105 10000000000×102
Microampere µA 10000000000×108 10000000000×105
Nanoampere nA 10000000000×1011 10000000000×108
Picoampere pA 10000000000×1014 10000000000×1011


Abampere aA 10000000000×103 10000000000
Statampere statA 2997925436×1012 2997925436×109
Biot Bi 10000000000×103 10000000000

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