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Abampere, Electric current

The abampere, symbol aA, also called the biot after Jean-Baptiste Biot, is the basic electromagnetic unit of electric current in the emu-cgs system of units (electromagnetic cgs). One abampere is equal to ten amperes in the SI system of units.Read more

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SI units

Teraampere TA 10-15
Gigaampere GA 10-10
Megaampere MA 10-7
Kiloampere kA 0.0001
Hectoampere hA 0.001
Decaampere daA 0.01
Ampere A 0.1
Deciampere dA 1
Centiampere cA 10
Milliampere mA 100
Microampere µA 100000
Nanoampere nA 100000000
Picoampere pA 10000000000×101


Statampere statA 299792543.5599
Biot Bi 1

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