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Gigaampere, Electric current

Gigaampere, symbol GA, is a prefixed form used to indicate multiples of ampere.

1 gigaampere = 109 ampere

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SI units

Teraampere TA 0.001
Megaampere MA 1000
Kiloampere kA 1000000
Hectoampere hA 10000000
Decaampere daA 100000000
Ampere A 1000000000
Deciampere dA 10000000000
Centiampere cA 10000000000×101
Milliampere mA 10000000000×102
Microampere µA 10000000000×105
Nanoampere nA 10000000000×108
Picoampere pA 10000000000×1011


Abampere aA 10000000000
Statampere statA 2997925436×109
Biot Bi 10000000000

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