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Picoampere, Electric current

Picoampere, symbol pA, is a prefixed form used to indicate multiples of ampere.

1 picoampere = 10-12 ampere

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SI units

Teraampere TA 10-24
Gigaampere GA 10-21
Megaampere MA 10-18
Kiloampere kA 10-15
Hectoampere hA 10-16
Decaampere daA 10-15
Ampere A 10-14
Deciampere dA 10-13
Centiampere cA 10-12
Milliampere mA 10-9
Microampere µA 10-6
Nanoampere nA 0.001


Abampere aA 10-13
Statampere statA 0.003
Biot Bi 10-13

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