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Ampere per volt, Electric conductance

Ampere per volt, symbol A/V2, is measurement unit of electrical conductance.

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SI units

Exasiemens ES 10-18
Petasiemens PS 10-15
Terasiemens TS 10-14
Gigasiemens GS 10-9
Megasiemens MS 10-6
Kilosiemens kS 0.001
Hectosiemens hS 0.01
Decasiemens daS 0.1
Siemens aS 1
Decisiemens dS 10
Centisiemens cS 100
Minisiemens mS 1000
Microsiemens µS 1000000
Nanosiemens nS 1000000000
Picosiemens pS 10000000000×102
Femtosiemens fS 10000000000×105
Attosiemens aS 10000000000×108


Abmho ab℧ 10-9
Mho 1
Gemmho gem℧ 1000000
Micromho µ℧ 1000000
Statmho stat℧ 8990000000×102

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