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Siemens, Electric conductance

Siemens, symbol S, is the unit of electric conductance and electric admittance in the International System of Units (SI). Conductance and admittance are the reciprocals of resistance and impedance respectively, hence one siemens is equal to the reciprocal of one ohm, and is also referred to as the mho. The 14th General Conference on Weights and Measures approved the addition of the siemens as a derived unit in 1971.Read more

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SI units

Exasiemens ES 10-18
Petasiemens PS 10-15
Terasiemens TS 10-14
Gigasiemens GS 10-9
Megasiemens MS 10-6
Kilosiemens kS 0.001
Hectosiemens hS 0.01
Decasiemens daS 0.1
Decisiemens dS 10
Centisiemens cS 100
Minisiemens mS 1000
Microsiemens µS 1000000
Nanosiemens nS 1000000000
Picosiemens pS 10000000000×102
Femtosiemens fS 10000000000×105
Attosiemens aS 10000000000×108


Abmho ab℧ 10-9
Mho 1
Gemmho gem℧ 1000000
Micromho µ℧ 1000000
Statmho stat℧ 8990000000×102

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