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Wavelength in metres, Frequency, wavelength

Wavelength, symbol λ, is the distance between two nearest points, which oscillate in the same phases and is one of the main characteristics of the oscillations. Wavelength is measured in units of distance (meters, centimeters, etc).

Wavelength of the radio waves can be calculated as follows: velocity of light in vacuum divided by the frequency gives wavelength, for example for 80 Hz wavelength will be 3747.4 kilometers, for 90 MHz - 3.33 meters, for 2.4 GHz - 12.49 cm

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SI units

Attohertz aHz 3335640951.9815
Femtohertz fHz 3335640.952
Picohertz pHz 3335.641
Nanohertz nHz 3.3356
Microhertz µHz 0.0033
Millihertz mHz 3.3356×10-6
Centihertz cHz 3.3356×10-7
Decihertz dHz 3.3356×10-8
Hertz Hz 3.3356×10-9
Decahertz daHz 3.3356×10-10
Hectohertz hHz 3.3356×10-11
Kilohertz kHz 3.3356×10-12
Megahertz MHz 3.3356×10-15
Gigahertz GHz 3.3356×10-18
Terahertz THz 3.3356×10-21
Petahertz PHz 3.3356×10-24
Exahertz EHz 3.3356×10-27


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