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In electromagnetism and electronics, inductance is the property of a conductor by which a change in current in the conductor creates (induces) a voltage (electromotive force) in both the conductor itself and in any nearby conductors.

This effect derives from two fundamental observations of physics: First, that a steady current creates a steady magnetic field (Oersted's law) and second, that a time-varying magnetic field induces a voltage in a nearby conductor (Faraday's law of induction). From Lenz's law, in an electric circuit, a changing electric current through a circuit that has inductance induces a proportional voltage which opposes the change in current (self-inductance). The varying field in this circuit may also induce an e.m.f. in a neighbouring circuit (mutual inductance).Read more

Convert   unit(s)
Exahenry EH 1 0.001
Petahenry PH 1000 1
Terahenry TH 1000000 1000
Stathenry statH 1112644.0874 1112.6441
Gigahenry GH 1000000000 1000000
Megahenry MH 10000000000×102 1000000000
Kilohenry kH 10000000000×105 10000000000×102
Hectohenry hH 10000000000×106 10000000000×103
Decahenry daH 10000000000×107 10000000000×104
Henry aH 10000000000×108 10000000000×105
Decihenry dH 10000000000×109 10000000000×106
Centihenry cH 10000000000×1010 10000000000×107
Minihenry mH 10000000000×1011 10000000000×108
Microhenry µH 10000000000×1014 10000000000×1011
Abhenry abH 10000000000×1017 10000000000×1014
Nanohenry nH 10000000000×1017 10000000000×1014
Picohenry pH 10000000000×1020 10000000000×1017
Femtohenry fH 10000000000×1023 10000000000×1020
Attohenry aH 10000000000×1026 10000000000×1023

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