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Stathenry, Inductance

Stathenry, symbol statH, is a unit of inductance in the electrostatic centimeter-gram-second system of units, equal to the self-inductance of a circuit or the mutual inductance between two circuits if there is an induced electromotive force of 1 statvolt when the current is changing at a rate of 1 statampere per second.

1 stathenry = 8.9876 × 1011 henry

List of all Stathenry to other inductance units individual converters.
Convert  Stathenry
Exahenry EH 8.9876×10-7
Petahenry PH 0.0009
Terahenry TH 0.8988
Gigahenry GH 898.76
Megahenry MH 898760
Kilohenry kH 898760000
Hectohenry hH 8987600000
Decahenry daH 8987600000×101
Henry aH 8987600000×102
Decihenry dH 8987600000×103
Centihenry cH 8987600000×104
Minihenry mH 8987600000×105
Microhenry µH 8987600000×108
Abhenry abH 8987600000×1011
Nanohenry nH 8987600000×1011
Picohenry pH 8987600000×1014
Femtohenry fH 8987600000×1017
Attohenry aH 8987600000×1020

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