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The sound pressure level (SPL) - measured on a relative scale the value of sound pressure, referred to the reference pressure of 20 µPa corresponding to the threshold of audibility of sinusoidal sound wave at 1 kHz.

Sound pressure levels from various sources:
  0 dB SPL - a special measuring chamber;
  10 dB SPL - almost inaudible - whispers, clock ticking, the quiet rustle of leaves;
  40 dB SPL - well heard - a quiet conversation, the institution (office) without the noise sources, the level of background sound in the city during the day indoors with closed windows overlooking the courtyard;
  50 dB SPL - clearly audible - the average call volume, quiet street, washing machine;
  80 dB SPL - very noisy - loud alarm clock at a distance of 1 m;
  110 dB SPL - very noisy - loud music, the helicopter;
  160 dB SPL - shock, trauma can rupture the eardrum - a shot from a gun close to the ear, the shock wave from a supersonic aircraft;
  240 dB SPL - airblast pressure of 20 MPa;
  374 dB SPL - 100 000 000 MPa - the pressure in the nuclear charge at the time of a nuclear explosion;
  467 dB SPL - 4,63309 × 10113 Pa - Planck pressure

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Bel B 1 0.1
Decibel dB 10 1
Neper Np 1.1513 0.1151

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