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Temperature is a physical property of a matter that underlies the common notions of hot and cold where matter with the higher temperature referred to be hotter or warmer. Heat flows from matters of a higher temperature to matters of a lower temperatures at a rate that increases with temperature difference. No heat exchange between two matters will happen in case of both have the same levels.

Temperature is widely used and plays an important role in physics, geology, chemistry, biology and atmospheric sciences. Quantatively, temperature is measured by a device called thermometer which can be calibrated to a variety of temperature scales.Read more

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Common units

Celsius °C 1 -17.2222
Fahrenheit °F 33.8 1
Kelvin K 274.15 255.9278


Réaumur °Ré 0.8 -13.7778
Rankine R 493.47 460.67
Newton °N 0.33 -5.6833
Rømer °Rø 8.025 -1.5417
Delisle °D 148.5 175.8333
Centigrade °C 1 -17.2222

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