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Delisle, Temperature

Delisle degree, symbol °D, is a unit of measurement for temperature, named after the French astronomer Joseph-Nicolas Delisle. He had been invited by Peter the Great to Russia and built a thermometer that used mercury as a working fluid in 1732. According to Delisle scale zero was the temperature of boiling water. In 1738 it was recalibrated with zero as water freezing point and 150 °D as water boiling point. The Delisle thermometer was widely used for almost 100 years in Russia.Read more

1 °De = 2⁄3 °C = 1.2 °F

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Common units

Celsius °C 99.3333
Fahrenheit °F 210.8
Kelvin K 372.4833


Réaumur °Ré 79.4667
Rankine R 670.47
Newton °N 32.78
Rømer °Rø 59.65
Centigrade °C 99.3333

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