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Rømer, Temperature

Rømer degree, symbol °Rø, is a unit of measurement for temperature, named after the Danish astronomer Christensen Rømer, who proposed similar scale it in 1701. According to Rømer scale the boiling point of water is 60 °Rø and freezing point of water is 0 °Rø. Rømer degree equals to 40 / 21 of a Kelvin.Read more

1 °Rø = 40⁄21 °C = 24⁄7 °F

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Common units

Celsius °C -12.381
Fahrenheit °F 9.7143
Kelvin K 260.769


Réaumur °Ré -9.9048
Rankine R 469.3843
Newton °N -4.0857
Delisle °D 168.5714
Centigrade °C -12.381

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