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Rankine, Temperature

Rankine degree, symbol R, is a unit of measurement for temperature, named after physicist William John Macquorn Rankine, who proposed simila scale in 1859. Zero on both Kelvin and Rankine scales is the absolute zero. Rankine degree is defined as equal to Fahrenheit degree.Read more

1 R = 1 °F = 5⁄9 °C = 5⁄9 K

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Common units

Celsius °C -272.5944
Fahrenheit °F -458.67
Kelvin K 0.5556


Réaumur °Ré -218.0756
Newton °N -89.9562
Rømer °Rø -135.6121
Delisle °D 558.8917
Centigrade °C -272.5944

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