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Sidereal month, Time

The period of the Moon's orbit as defined with respect to the celestial sphere (of the fixed stars, nowadays the International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF)) is known as a sidereal month because it is the time it takes the Moon to return to a given position among the stars: 27.321661 days (27 d 7 h 43 min 11.5 s). This type of month has been observed among cultures in the Middle East, India, and China in the following way: they divided the sky into 27 or 28 lunar mansions, one for each day of the month, identified by the prominent star(s) in them.

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Metric, SI

Yoctosecond ys 2360591500×1021
Zeptosecond zs 2360591500×1018
Attosecond as 2360591500×1015
Femtosecond fs 2360591500×1012
Picosecond ps 2360591500×109
Nanosecond ns 2360591500×106
Microsecond µs 2360591500×103
Millisecond ms 2360591500
Centisecond cs 236059150
Decisecond ds 23605915
Second s 2360591.5
Decasecond das 236059.15
Hectosecond hs 23605.915
Kilosecond ks 2360.5915
Megasecond Ms 2.3606
Gigasecond Gs 0.0024
Terasecond Ts 2.3606×10-6
Petasecond Ps 2.3606×10-9
Exasecond Es 2.3606×10-12
Zettasecond Zs 2.3606×10-15
Yottasecond Ys 2.3606×10-18

Common units

Minute min 39343.1917
Hour h 655.7199
Day d 27.3217
Week 3.9031
Fortnight 1.9515
Month 0.8982
Year y 0.0749
Decade 0.0075
Century 0.0007
Millennium 0.0001

Sidereal time

Sidereal second 2367054.6006
Sidereal minute 39450.91
Sidereal hour 657.5152
Sidereal day 27.3965
Sidereal year 0.0748


Shake 2360591500×105
Synodic month 0.9252
Leap year 0.0746
Julian year 0.0748
Tropical year 0.0748
Septennial 0.0107
Octennial 0.0094
Novennial 0.0083
Quinquennial 0.015

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