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Meganewton metre, Torque

Meganewton metre, meganewton meter, symbol MNm or MN·m, is a unit of torque sometimes hyphenated Meganewton-metre. One Meganewton metre is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one Meganewton applied perpendicularly to a moment arm which is one metre long.

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Kilonewton metre kNm 1000
Newton metre Nm 1000000
Millinewton metre mNm 1000000000
Dyne meter dynm 10000000000×101
Micronewton metre μNm 10000000000×102
Dyne centimeter dyncm 10000000000×103
Kilogram force metre 101971.6213
Kilogram force cm 10197162.1298
Gram force metre 101971621.2978
Gram force centimetre 1019716213×102


Pound force foot lb·ft 737562.1493
Pound force inch 8850745.7913
Ounce force foot 11800994.3884
Ounce force inch 141611932.6612

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