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Ounce force inch, Torque

Ounce force inch is a unit of torque. One ounce force inch is the torque created by one ounce force acting at a perpendicular distance of one inch from a pivot point.

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Meganewton metre MNm 7.0616×10-9
Kilonewton metre kNm 7.0616×10-6
Newton metre Nm 0.0071
Millinewton metre mNm 7.0616
Dyne meter dynm 706.1552
Micronewton metre μNm 7061.5518
Dyne centimeter dyncm 70615.5181


Long ton force foot 2.3251×10-6
Short ton force foot 2.6042×10-6
Pound force foot lb·ft 0.0052

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