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Poundal second per square foot, Dynamic viscosity

Poundal second per square foot, symbol pdl·s/ft2, is a non-SI measurement unit of dynamic viscosity.

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Common units

Attopoise aP 1488164110×1010
Femtopoise fP 1488164110×107
Picopoise pP 1488164110×104
Nanopoise nP 1488164110×101
Micropoise µP 14881641.1
Millipoise mP 14881.6411
Centipoise cP 1488.1641
Decipoise dP 148.8164
Poise P 14.8816
Decapoise daP 1.4882
Hectopoise hP 0.1488
Kilopoise kP 0.0149
Megapoise MP 1.4882×10-5
Gigapoise GP 1.4882×10-8
Terapoise TP 1.4882×10-11
Petapoise PP 1.4882×10-14
Exapoise EP 1.4882×10-17


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