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Square millimetre per second, Kinematic viscosity

Square millimetre per second, symbol mm2/s, is a derived metric SI measurement unit of kinematic viscosity.

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Common units

Attostokes aSt 10000000000×1010
Femtostokes fSt 10000000000×107
Picostokes pSt 10000000000×104
Nanostokes nSt 10000000000×101
Microstokes µSt 100000000
Millistokes mSt 100000
Centistokes cSt 10000
Decistokes dSt 1000
Stokes St 100
Decastokes daSt 10
Hectostokes hSt 1
Kilostokes kSt 0.1
Megastokes MSt 0.0001
Gigastokes GSt 10-7
Terastokes TSt 10-10
Petastokes PSt 10-15
Exastokes ESt 10-16

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