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Terastokes, Kinematic viscosity

Terastokes, symbol TSt, is a prefixed form used to indicate multiples of stokes.

1 terastokes = 1012 stokes

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Common units

Attostokes aSt 10000000000×1020
Femtostokes fSt 10000000000×1017
Picostokes pSt 10000000000×1014
Nanostokes nSt 10000000000×1011
Microstokes µSt 10000000000×108
Millistokes mSt 10000000000×105
Centistokes cSt 10000000000×104
Decistokes dSt 10000000000×103
Stokes St 10000000000×102
Decastokes daSt 10000000000×101
Hectostokes hSt 10000000000
Kilostokes kSt 1000000000
Megastokes MSt 1000000
Gigastokes GSt 1000
Petastokes PSt 0.001
Exastokes ESt 10-6

SI derived

Square millimetre per second mm2/s 10000000000
Square centimetre per second cm2/s 10000000000×102
Square centimetre per hour cm2/h 277777777.7778
Square metre per second m2/s 10000000000×106
Square metre per minute 1666666667×105
Square metre per hour m2/h 2777777778×103

U.S./Imperial derived

Square inch per second in2/s 6451600000×103
Square inch per minute 1075266667×102
Square inch per hour in2/h 1792111111.1183
Square foot per second ft2/s 9290304360×105
Square foot per minute 1548384060×104
Square foot per hour ft2/h 2580640100×102

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